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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by birkiz, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. breadfish
    What is your current Minecraft username? birkiz

    What is your current age? I am currently 16 years old.

    What is your rank in-game? Member

    If you have access to the command '/nick', what nickname do you typically go by? Connor, or ItsConnor_YT

    Do you have the computer applications 'Discord' and 'Skype'? I have both Discord and Skype on my computer.

    How long have you been playing ElixirPvP? I have only been playing for 30 minutes to an hour now, however Spuddex has given me the go-ahead to apply, and I plan on putting many hours into the server and coming on when possible and when necessary.

    Have you ever been a staff member on any other Minecraft server(s)? I have been a staff member on two servers:

    1. Zincbox: I was a staff member on Zincbox for collectively about a year. In May of 2015 my fourth application was accepted, and I was deemed a Helper. I went through a trial week and proved myself worthy of the Moderator position. I was this rank for about 2 months, but after that I went inactive for a few months as I was having some real life troubles that I needed to sort out. After that 2-3 month break, I applied again, and became Helper. I was Helper for a month due to the fact that there were a lot of Mods, and they didn't have room to promote any. However, I was promoted to Mod as soon as one resigned. I was staff for about 8-9 months after that, with breaks here and there as I worked a lot on the server and put a lot of time into it.

    2. CentralPvP: Sometime around mid-late 2016 I was showed a server that I can't remember the name of, however it later became CentralPvP. I applied for Helper, and made it on the team. I worked my way up through the ranks and eventually became Manager. At this position, I recruited and promoted staff members, gave players items that they lost/needed, as well as moderated chat when there was no mods/helpers on to do the job. I also worked with Spuddex as he was an Admin under me, and later became Manager as well.

    Why do you think you would make a good staff member on ElixirPvP? I feel like my past experience would make me a good staff member on the server. When it comes to staffing, I know what I'm doing and I know how to do it. I can tell the difference between banter and a serious argument, and I can also punish players using a combination of nicety and strictness; warning them firmly however not scaring them away or making them retaliate towards me or thinking I'm being hypocritical. I am also able to dedicate about 2-5 hours a day to the server, depending on what I'm doing, however I will probably always be able to log on at least once a day for an hour or more.

    Would you be capable of handling the position? I believe I will be able to handle the position as Helper well. I have dealt with more stressful situations and situations that require more responsibility and character. I believe with my past experience, and what I'm still learning, I will be able to handle the position well, and further positions.

    Are you aware that becoming a staff member is an extremely serious matter and should not be taken lightly? I am very aware. Not only being staff made me aware, but enforcing rules onto staff members and having to deal with staff members in serious manners makes me very aware of how serious being a staff member can be. I know that as a staff member, you not only represent the server, but make it a safer place for people to play on and enjoy.
  2. Great Looking person, I suggest you add more detail.
    Good luck
  3. +1 Good Staff App
    -1 You didn't fully read the Guide
  4. Add more detail
    You didn't read the guide
    Good experience
    Seems mature

    Overall +1

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